The FIRST Stone Conveyor Pizza Oven

Hot Rocks is a revolutionary pizza oven equipped with a black granite stone baking surface. The Hot Rocks pizza oven combines the speed and convenience of a conveyor with the authentic taste of a stone deck oven allowing you to create the best pizza with a perfect golden crust time after time. There are many benefits to the Hot Rocks:

  • Bakes up to 750 pizzas/hour (triple stack)
  • Decreases ticket times by 50%
  • Provides savings on food costs - No more burnt pizzas
  • Labour Savings - Cut an employee
  • Consistency - Flawless baking every single time
  • Versatile - Bakes deep-dish or Detroit-style pizza

The Perfect Solutions Food Packaging Equipment

Sipromac gives you quality without compromise. We have many solutions to meet your food packaging needs such as vacuum packaging or thermoforming. The size of your project does not matter, we offer suitable solutions for all projects - from a hometown butcher shop to a large processing plant. Sipromac equipment offers many benefits:

  • Competitive pricing on equipment that will last you decades
  • Lowest industry maintenance costs
  • Stainless-steel construction offering great strength
  • More than 20 different sizes of vacuum packaging machines
  • Easy to use with digital displays
  • Ensures freshness of your food products
  • Extends the shelf life of your food products
  • Protects food from external contamination

High Quality Ovens for Bagels, Bread, Pastries and Other Bakery Products

For over 50 years, Picard has been famous for providing some of the industry's most innovative and durable ovens. We continue this tradition by making the Revolution revolving oven. The Revolution oven offers a range of benefits:

  • Bakes faster than other bakery ovens
  • Increases your production and profits
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable steel plate
  • Choice of full-steel, perforated steel or baking stone shelves
  • Self-generating steam system
  • Provides years of hassle-free baking
  • Gas or electricity output available